Municipal Park

The Gaëtan-Brunet Municipal Park, located at the corner of Murphy Road and Route 315, was officially inaugurated n 2014. The land where it is located was donated to the municipality in 2001 by the Association récréative et culturelle (ARC), a group of Mayo citizens who had acquired it in the 1980s and begun to develop it with the objective of building a community center. The land, on which the ARC had installed softball equipment, an outdoor volleyball court and a children’s structure, was maintained by the municipality. In 2012, Mayor Gaëtan Brunet put the development of the park back on the agenda. New facilities and children’s games were then added.

Since 2014, the park has become a meeting place for the people of Mayo who gather there for the annual picnic. Over the past five years, through various grants, the municipality has added a new play structure for young children and a pavilion that also serves as a stage for musicians who perform at the annual picnic. In 2021, thanks to a grant from the federal government’s New Horizons for Seniors Program, the municipality was able to add adapted exercise stations for seniors.

We invite you to come to your park and enjoy it!